Simone Jewels and world-renowned Jewellery Insider, Katerina Perez, collaborates for the first time, combining design mastery with an eye for the best.

The SIMONE x KATERINA PEREZ capsule collection is inspired by modern art movements of the 21st century and features abstract celestial designs with an empowering message: Always reach for the stars and push boundaries to endless possibilities. The sky is the limit.


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The Collaboration Story

Katerina Perez, renowned Jewellery Insider, is no stranger to the jewellery scene. She has since become a household name to many jewellery lovers, with her opinion much sought after by even the world’s biggest brand names.

Simone met Katerina in London 4 years ago and they have continued sharing their love for artistic jewellery to this day. The collaboration idea came to light when Simone asked if she could feature Katerina in her "Bombshell" 2019/20 collection. "Bombshell" is inspired by a documentary of the same name, which speaks of Hollywood icon Hedy Lamarr as the inventor of WIFI technology. Celestial motifs, hidden gems and music became the source of inspiration for the designs. In addition to Hedy’s story, the "Bombshell" collection booklet featured three leading ladies of modern times from different countries; each with their own inspiring stories. Katerina was more than thrilled to be one of the three and to further collaborate on the SIMONE x KATERINA PEREZ capsule collection together.

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